Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visualization of Choriocapillaris by Doppler OCT

Our colleague Kazuhiro Kurokawa reported in vivo imaging of choriocapillaris by using Doppler optical coherence tomography (Doppler OCT) equipped with adaptive optics (AO) retinal scanner. Doppler OCT have been long time utilized for the investigation of retinal vasculature. Despite of its high ability for the visualization of vasculature, it was not possible to visualize choriocapillaris mainly because of its very small dimensions. We overcame this issue by using a custom made AO retinal scanner.
      The details are presented in our recent paper in Optics Express.

>> Full length article (open access)
Citation: K. Kurokawa, K. Sasaki, S. Makita, Y.-J. Hong, and Y. Yasuno, "Three-dimensional retinal and choroidal capillary imaging by power Doppler optical coherence angiography with adaptive optics," Opt. Express 20, 22796-22812 (2012).