Monday, December 26, 2011

Journal paper: Choroidal optical coherence angiography with variable velocity range

Non-invasive and three-dimensional angiography of choroid with several blood-velocity range is available now. Our colleague Franck Jaillon recently published the details of this methodology in Optics Express. In this paper he demonstrated non-invasive visualization of fine vasculature of the choroid of normal eyes. This technology is based on Doppler optical coherence tomography, and hence it is totally noninvasive and three-dimensional. The Doppler detection is performed with our original dual beam scan Doppler scheme, which provides extremely high Doppler sensitivity. In addition, this system uses a 1-um probe beam, it provides deep penetration into the choroid.

   The details are described in the following paper.
>> Full length article on Journal web-site (open access)
Citation: F. Jaillon, S. Makita, Y. Yasuno, "Variable velocity range imaging of the choroid with dual-beam optical coherence angiography," Opt. Express 20, 385-396 (2012).