Friday, September 11, 2009

Ocular Biometry by 3D-OCT

Our collaborator Shinichi Fukuda investigated the utility of 3D corneal and anterior eye segment optical coherence tomography (3D-CAS-OCT) for ocular biometry. The ocular biometry is a method to extract numerical parameters from an eye, which represent the functions and integrity of the eye, e.g. a central corneal thickness (CCT) or an anterior eye chamber depth (ACD).

He examined 40 eyes of 40 normal subjects by 3D-CAS-OCT, Scheimpflug camera, scanning-slit topography and ultrasonic pachymetry, and obtained CCT, ACD and other parameters. This study indicated 3D-CAS-OCT was usable for ocular biometry.

This study has been reported on a journal Ophthalmology. The paper and abstract is available on the following locations.

>> Journal web site
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Citation: S. Fukuda, K. Kawana, Y. Yasuno and T. Oshika, "Anterior ocular biometry using 3-dimensional optical coherence tomography," Ophthalmology 116, 882-889 (2009).